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Kate Icons

the great "Kate's"

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About the community
Welcome to the "Kate Icon" community. This community is dedicated to bringing you the most high quality wallpapers, icons, moodthemes, banners and layout related to any actress of TV character or persona with the name "Kate" or any other variations of this name.
Special thanks to deria-hime and xtine005 for entering the header contest! Be sure to check out their amazing artwork!


This community has several rules:
1. Do not under any circumstance post anything illegal, inappropriate or offensive. Any posts that are against Livejournal rules will be removed immediately and the user will be banned without further notice.
2. This community is for artworks (digital or actual drawings, blends,wallpapers, icons or fanvids) related to a persona, actress of character by the name of Kate or a form of Kate. Posts that contain any other material such as spam or ads and/or things that are in no way related to a "Kate" will be removed.
3. Do not forget to credit the maker when using any fan-art posted in this community.
4. Please do not post photographs of a “Kate”. This is not a photo community.
5. If you would like to become a link partners or post a promotional link to another community related to this community please contact the moderator (Nanci Gemma) before doing so)

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